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    Physique TV welcomes students of World Media Academy

    Journalism students from the World Media Academy (WMA) were given a behind the scenes look of what takes place behind the cameras in the Physique TV studios.

    Upon the students’ arrival, they were welcomed by producer Jellyn Gueco, who oriented them about Physique TV, the broadcast industry, and walked them through the facility. Physique TV showcased the different features of the broadcast and gym studios of the TV channel, discussed the various equipment required when filming and the different departments/resources responsible in running a broadcasting station.

    Some of the TV presenters were filming at the studios at the time including Shoufi Mafi’s Sawsan Saad, What’s Up’s Zahirah Variawa, MMA All Out’s Reine Abou Rjeily, Ali Mokdad and Rio Altaie who all had an opportunity to share their insights on being TV presenters at Physique TV.

    After the tour, the students were invited for an exclusive behind the scenes access of the set up and filming of What’s Up, where selected students got the chance to present themselves. Jellyn provided constructive evaluation to further enhance their presenting skills.

    One of the highlights of the tour was the filming of MMA All Out. The students had a question and answer session with both Rio and Ali, and were taken through the process of filming an MMA All Out episode. The students took this opportunity to learn from the MMA masters themselves about the various aspects of a mixed martial arts commentary.

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