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    Physique TV earns impressive results from Ipsos study
    In the recent study conducted by global market research company Ipsos, Physique TV has generated exemplary results for its awareness and likeability in the UAE and KSA.

    “We know we’re doing well, but we didn’t know we were doing better with these results from Ipsos,” says Hamid Dizji, CEO of SGT Group. The research showed a huge interest on health and fitness programming and presented a high likeability towards Physique TV. “This result supports the vision and mission of Physique TV. We have always endeavoured to be one with wellness within the community through our programs that promote fitness and healthy living,” shares Dizji. “We bring a fresh approach to TV entertainment by creating a well-rounded programming that caters to fitness, healthy living, lifestyle, combat and extreme sports.”

    According to the study, Physique TV generated a huge likeability of 73 per cent from those aware of the TV channel. This was spotted specially among Locals and Arabs living in Dubai, UAE. Furthermore, 61 per cent of Locals and Arabs living in the UAE are interested in health and fitness programs; of which, 66 per cent are female aged 35+ years.

    In addition, the awareness of Physique TV showed an increase of 51 per cent between February 2014 and February 2015. This was spotted among locals and Arabs in the UAE, especially from those living in Dubai.

    “We are grateful for the support of our viewers. While these cited figures reinforce Physique TV’s positive reception in the market, we are further determined to work harder and provide socially responsible programming,” comments Peter Einstein, General Manager of Physique TV.

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