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    Physique TV signs deal Dubai Desert Road Run
    Physique TV and Dubai Desert Road Run, a community sporting event held by Onside Partners announced a strategic partnership that will greatly expand collaboration between the two organization to raise awareness on health and fitness.

    The agreement was signed at the Burj Khalifa and the scope of the partnership includes all of the Dubai Desert Road Run events from February through to December 2015, which enables both organizations to engage with the community taking part in road races and fun runs.

    Organised by Onside Partners, the Dubai Desert Road Run (DDRR) is a sporting event for the UAE community. First held in February 2012, the DDRR has developed into one of UAE’s key sporting events that has seen participation from novice runners to some of the most accomplished athletes in the Emirate. DDRR consists of 10km race for adults and children who are 14 years of age and above, plus a 3km run which is both a Junior and Adult Race. DDRR held its first event this year on 21st February at The Sevens Stadium, Dubai.

    Hamid Dizji, CEO of Physique TV shares his comments about the partnership: “Through our partnership with key organizations like Dubai Desert Road Run, we widen our scope in strengthening our commitment to spread information towards healthy living.”

    Dean O’Grady, Founding Partner & Co-Chief Executive of Onside Partners shares: ‘The Dubai Desert Road Run is delighted to partner with Physique TV. For the participants of the Dubai Desert Road Run, the opportunity of appearing on television whilst competing in a sporting event is one which I’m sure that they will both cherish and relish.”

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