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    SGT CEO Hamid Dizji featured on the cover of Middle East Digital Broadcast Magazine
    SGT CEO Hamid Dizji headlines the March 2015 issue of Middle East Digital Broadcast Magazine, with a cover story about finding a niche in the region’s crowded TV industry. DIGITAL BROADCAST Middle East is the leading information resource for those involved in the business of delivering and managing media content for television, cinema, radio, mobile and online distribution in the digital age. It is the number one resource for senior management in the broadcast, telecommunications and online sectors charged with expanding revenue streams and developing new commercial strategies incorporating emerging digital content delivery technologies.

    Here is an excerpt from the article… Physique TV began broadcasting just over a year ago, and launched officially a month later, in December 2013. The channel is the only 24-hour fitness and lifestyle outlet for the Middle East, and broadcasts in full HD as well.

    At first glance, the concept behind Physique TV may seem too narrowly targeted, but this is actually a channel with one of the most diverse arrays of content of any broadcaster in the region, but what is the virtue of a channel to promote healthy living and an active lifestyle? And how does CEO Hamid Dizji prevent the programming becoming boring and repetitive?

    The key, according to Dizji, is to be encouraging rather than instructional. “There are many lifestyle, sports and other types of channels, but there was nothing, until now, to address the needs of a healthy and active lifestyle,” he says of the concept behind Physique TV.

    Physique TV is part of a larger group of companies and is therefore not overly concerned with making a significant profit quickly and is instead focusing on its content. “SGT Group is taking a long-term view to Physique TV making a large amount of profit, Race. DDRR held its first event this year on 21st February at The Sevens Stadium, Dubai. Hamid Dizji, CEO of Physique TV shares his comments about the partnership: “Through our partnership with key organizations like Dubai Desert Road Run, we widen our scope in strengthening our commitment to spread information towards healthy living.” Dean O’Grady, Founding Partner & Co-Chief Executive of Onside Partners shares: ‘The Dubai Desert Road Run is delighted to partner with Physique TV. For the participants of the Dubai Desert Road Run, the opportunity of appearing on television whilst competing in a sporting event is one which I’m sure that they will both cherish and relish.”we don’t want to make fast money,” says Dizji. “We want this channel to be a benchmark of fitness and healthy living in the Middle East.”

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